Saturday, 1 October 2011

Silks Sale at.... Carrie's Lingerie?!

You might not think a lingerie store is a good place to go shopping for silks, but maybe these pictures will change your mind!

Every week, a Carrie's staffer selects some outfits to be half price, and until this Wednesday, there are some silk-tastic ensembles reduced.

First up is the Aradia, here in red, going for 225L instead of the usual 450L.

Overall impression? This is a strong, dramatic silk, very striking, for the girl with poise and confidence.

But look at bit closer... There's amazing attention to detail, from the ridged decoration of the armbands to the glove adornments on the hands.

It comes in 8 colours or you can buy in packs of 4.

Next up is the Eternity, available in 6 colours, and also reduced to 225L at the moment.

This one is 'Ice'. It's a beautiful pale blue/ aqua.

You can see it's a loooong way from being anything like 'by the book'...  but who could resist something so pretty?

The Eternity silk in Ice conveys an attitude of sweetness and delicacy, but the same silk in a different colourway is rather different. Here it is in Eggplant Purple.

Also on offer for 197L - if you really want to stretch the definition of silk, or simply if you fancy adding to your bottom drawer - is the Destiny outfit.

(The sale selections are due to change on Wednesday though, so if you like them, don't hang about!)

Find the silks at Carrie's Lingerie on the sale wall.

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