Tuesday, 18 October 2011

FallnAngel Creations - Roewan silks

I was shopping my closet (ie my ever expanding inventory) the other day, and came across this stunner from FallnAngel Creations.

 It's the Roewan set it's quite typical of Falln, in that it does amazing things with the clothing layer textures and has ornate metallic detailing.

What makes this silk really unique is its kimono styling. It actually has long 'furisode' (swinging sleeve) arm attachments.

And as you can see, it looks especially amazing in red, and would be suitable for a variety of different roleplay characters.

Incidentally, these silks were named after Roewan Kline who writes the amazing Silks of Second Life blog.

FallnAngel Creations tend to be a little bit cheaper in-world than on marketplace, so tp yourself right there!

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