Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Some hunt prizes from the 30L October Fling Fair

Yay! Not only does the 30L October Fling Fair feature bargains galore, it also has a mini-hunt with some fabulous prizes for you to find.

(Don't wait too long before checking it out as it's due to end on 22nd October.)

Below are a few I managed to pick up.

These are the Sasha silks from Luas. Soooo cute, with beautiful flower garlands, and free if you can find them!

 The Whatz Glamour outfit in green... 

 ...the 'leather' outfit from May's Soul includes white and black clothing layer options...

.... and the Trinity outfit from Damned! features the sweetest boots. Mmm toasty! (Umm, don't mind the really bad photoshopping. *Cough*)

Have fun on the hunt at the 30L fair!

Shape - Keet from Dutch Touch
Skin - Pouty from Whatz at the 30L October Fling Fair
Hair - Fearne from Truth

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