Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Shack - Melene camisk

Concluding the mini-series of the Shack autumn collection, we come to the Melene camisk.

It's a deliciously floaty confection, and can be modestly to pass for contemporary casual wear too. It could make a lovely fairy outfit, and there's a hint of 'ballerina at rehearsals' about it too.

It's super-easy to wear, you might find yourself tweaking the bust band a little to get it 'just so', but the skirt shouldn't pose any problems.

It comes in a range of colours, mostly punchy pastels (is that possible?!) but this colourway, the 'palest pink', was the one which tickled my fancy. I feel the delicate colour complements the soft chiffon textures best.

You can also strip it right back to basics and wear as a simple (but awfully pretty) camisk.

See all the colours on the marketplace, 295L each.

Shape & skin: Angel from Body & Soul
Hair: Janset from Ava-Tare

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