Thursday, 6 October 2011

Shack - Isis Moon silks

More Shack! I'm still working my way through the Autumn collection ;)

Well, Firefox has outdone herself with the creation of these lovely ethereal silks, bound to be a huge hit. Any fae or princess kajira would be pleased to have them in her wardrobe.

The set includes ... (deep breath)... anklets, arm silks, bangles, necklace, chest decoration, tiara, shirt layer bra, 'icy leaves' on a tattoo layer, panties and of course a silks skirt. Phew!

The textures are sheer and seductive, barely concealing what lies beneath, while the pastels of the range feature an iridescent interplay of harmonious colours.
The set comes with easy-to-use resize scripts, so fitting them is a piece of cake.

The jewelry is bling-tastic too, which you can turn on or off with a chat line command.

Here's a look at that bling (and a close up on those exquisite textures):
The details are amazing! In my opinion, they don't show up so well in the stronger colours like red and black, so I plumped for the pink and lavender.

The silks cost 795L - take a closer look at the Shack store.

Skin: Alanya from Not Button's (gift)
Shape: Zara from Syrenz
Hair: Fearne from Truth

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