Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Soedara - Goddess silks and Wrapped in net

Wow, Marbella at Soedara is creating far too many gorgeous things for me to keep up!

So, in a futile attempt to pretend I'm on top of things, here's a quick look at the new Goddess Unum and Goddess Duae silks, as well as the Wrapped in Net camisk-silk set.

The designs also inspired to try out some colours I don't usually wear, such as peach and yellow.

In fact, that might be the only downside to shopping at Soedara - trying not to buy the outfits in every colour! (Apparently, that's the sign of a true shopaholic...)

Goddess Unum silks - peach softness

The Goddess Unum set is a beautiful short silk - and the peach colour, shown here, makes a gorgeous alternative to white for those of use who are a little more.. 'besmirched' :)

The set features beautiful gems as always, and some draped shoulder silks.

The Goddess Duae silks offer a long skirt instead of the short, and feature a simpler (but no less lovely) top. Lots of potential mix and match fun!

Goddess Unum silks - golden dawn
Goddess Unum silks - teal serenity
The Wrapped in Net set is an intriguing blend of silk and camisk, so would suit lots of girls. It comes in black and white, plain or sparkle.

Pictured here is the white plain set, but the black sparkle looks very intriguing also...

The Wrapped in Net sets are 175L, while Goddess Unum and Duae are 325L and 300L respectively.

All available at the Soedara marketplace store or in-world.

(In-world, you can also pick up the gift bangle from Marbella - pictured with the Wrapped in Net set.)

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