Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Virgin Harlot - Samirah silks

Wow, talk about a Princess Kajira! This beautiful set from Ceri Kesten is definitely one for the spoiled girls.
Available in red, magenta, and turquoise, these lush silks are excellent value when you look at what's included.

You get the usual top, pants and skirt, all trimmed with gold.

The skirt itself is fastened with a sturdy leather belt, contrasting perfectly with the lush silk fabric.

In addition though, and this is what really sets the silk apart, you get a full set of richly ornamented jewels.

You get a diadem to wear across your brow, a 'hair piece' (really, a tiara!), earrings, a necklace, and bangles.
So how much will this set you back?

The silks are 300L each or 600L for the fat pack of three colours.. I think you'll agree that's a pretty good deal...

So get your pout on and get down to Virgin Harlot.

Because you're worth it.

Hair - Lei from DrLife

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  1. Definitely going there to get a fat pack