Friday, 23 December 2011

30L Midwinter Fair - Sawadee Silks from Zibber's Designs and Unwrapped Gift from Libertine

It's Midwinter Fair time!

Lots of your favourite Gorean designers (including Luas, Gem Designs, May's Soul, Trident, Soul Effects and Vigo) gathered together in one sim, with some special 30L offers and a hunt with lots of freebie items.  What's not to to love?!

As well as clothing for slaves and free, there's some nice furniture and landscaping, and best of all, quite a few skins for 30L too. Full price items too, so don't assume everything's on sale.

Here's two of my favourite haul items - both were 30L offers. (One is the silk, the other is the rug!)
Libertine 'Unwrapped Gift' - rug with 'Tease' animation
First the rug - deliciously opulent in red and gold and featuring a very 'cheesecake' animation called 'Tease'! If you are going to writhe around on the floor, might as well do it in style :)

Sawadee silks
The the silks - a relatively modest top, and a very skimpy bottom! The jewel skirt is pictured here, it also comes with a silks skirt. Also legbands, armbands, veil and nipple rings (not pictured here).

I haven't had a chance to look through my hunt prizes yet :) If I get around to it, I'll post some pics, and also some more 30L outfits.

Have fun at the Midwinter Fair.

Hair - Audrey from Truth
Skin - Tahalia from Curvalicious (30L offer)
Shape - Glow studio Fhara shape

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