Sunday, 18 December 2011

Silks of the Siren - Siren's Beauty silks

It's been a while, but it seems there's a flurry of creativity over at Silks of the Siren - hooray! It's great to see new things from Draelle Chandler and hopefully 2012 will see lots of her stunning creations.

There's a new red camisk out, and some silver-themed outfits for Twisted Krissmuss (only 100L), but I'm most excited about the new silks - Siren's Beauty.
So far, it's available in four shades, all quite pastel. Blush and yellow are pictured here, but you also have the choice of teal or fuschia.
Not just for kajirae, these silks would be great on fairies (just add some wings!) and they're modest enough for bellydancers

The textures are really detailed - lots of intricate embroidery. Take a closer look at those textures:
325L on the marketplace or in-world store -  where there's even a couple of new lucky boards up!

Shape - Isabeau from Tuty's
Skin - Chloe from Belleza (group gift)
Hair - Viola from Amacci
Eyes - Juna from Sorry.Asia

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