Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Zaara - Red tag sale

There's a red tag sale at Zaara until 25th December - look for the outfits marked with a red tab, and pick yourself up some 50% off bargains!

Zaara's specialty is ethnic clothes and jewelry of the Indian sub-continent. Their Nizam set - especially the head jewels - are famous in SL!

Zaara designs are not explicitly designed for roleplay wear, but there's no reason why you couldn't have a look and see what might be possible.

For instance, I found a lehenga choli that could make a nice bellydance outfit, and a couple of tops that coud be a fun addition to a kajira's wardrobe!

Of course, it helps that the outfits on sale are in the kajira's favourite colour, red...
Bandhni Hanky top - 48L

Naina distressed shrug - 63L
Frawla - 240L
Frawla - 240L
Please note, the prices listed above are the reduced prices. To find the original price of the outfits, or indeed the current price of other colours, simply double the number.

Your SLurl to the Zaara mainstore.

Skin - Devotion from Heartsick
Shape - Liv from Button's
Hair - Viola from Amacci

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