Friday, 2 December 2011

Free silks, fairy outfit and gowns at Angelwing

They're getting in to the Christmas spirit bigtime over at Angelwing, where there's a whole load of gifties out for you to pick up.

**UPDATE: Angelwing have now put out a different selection of gifts, but you can still pick up quite a few gift silk sets, and the 'permanent' gifts Anakarina and Driven Snow are still out**

The gifts include five (five!) sets of silks, and three dresses/gowns/fairy outfits. Whatever you want to call them, they're pretty cool!
White Christmas princess dress
Angelwing do a nice line in faerie clothing, so the princess dress includes beautiful gold wings, and the silks could also easily be used by the fae (just watch out for the 'Chain Me' silks, they're the naughtiest!).
The outfits aren't brand new, so if you're a seasoned board slapper and chair hopper, you might well have some of them already.
Red strippable harem silks
Left: Chain me silks (worn with separate bikini)
Right: White strippable flowergirl silks
I've added a white bikini to the Chain Me silks for modesty. You might be happy to go without, otherwise you can find tons of freebies and cheapies on the marketplace.
Left: Aqua Angel silks
Right: Pink shimmer silks
The gift cart - with the princess dress and five sets of silks - is right here. Follow the red arrow.
Left: Anakarina outfit
Right: Driven Snow gown

There's two other gifts you can pick up, which also have some nice extras (not pictured) with them - a skin and shape in the Anakarina set, and some hair included with the Driven Snow set.

Anakarina gift is here and the Driven Snow gift is here.

Skin - Bree from Maai (MM prize)
Shape - Melody from Buttons
Hair - Venus from Exile

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