Sunday, 18 December 2011

Free gowns and fairy outfits - the Angelwing hunt

The Angelwing holiday hunt kicked off today and runs until 30 December,  with six amazing outfits for you to find.

Yes, the lag is crippling... but take a look at the prizes. You could wait a couple of days... or get your hunt on at 3am SLT!

Minimal words and your carriage awaits you at the end ;)
Xylia outfit

Forgotten Fairy dress
Thalia red
Purple Ambrosine dress
Elysia lavender
Bella in plum
BTW, the top of the Ambrosine dress looks like it would make a great camisk, and an enterprising kajira could do something with the drape and belt included in the outfit.

Happy hunting!

Shape - Isabeau from Tuty's
Skin - Chloe from Belleza (group gift)
Hair - Danina from Amacci (free gift)
Eyes - Juna from Sorry.Asia

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