Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Painfully Divine - knit kirtle on midnight mania

This toasty kirtle is currently up on the midnight mania boards at Painfully Divine.

It includes two undershirts so you can make the outfit suitable for lots of medieval or fantasy roleplay, not just bondmaids! Pictured here is the white, but there's also a black version provided.

While you're down there, look out for the other MMs and the lucky board - you could be lucky enough pick up some Gorean furniture or slave chores while you're down there.

Here's a glimpse of the more naughty version.
The board in question has a low target, /45, but your best chance to get it is on a Tuesday or Saturday, when there's a lot of traffic for the 25L and 30L offers, and the board usually locks down. Get there early if that's your intention.

Otherwise, a few calls to some relevant Gorean or Medieval groups and you should get your kirtle!

Here's your ride to the midnight mania board.

Shape - Ayasha from Redbird
Hair - Mana group gift from D!va
Skin - Katherina from Censored

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