Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Free silks - Midnight Mania prize at Pheo's Line

How cute are these? They're the 'Glory Silks' from Pheora Oxygen's store Pheo's Line and they're currently on the Midnight Mania board.

Only /30 slaps, so chances of the board locking down are good!

The shop also has a welcome gift, plus there's a not-hard-to-find prize from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt out for another couple of days.

She also sells a range of full perm silks skirts at reasonable prices, if you want to begin experimenting with building your own silks. Tempting!!

Tp to the in-world store.

Hair - Janset from Ava-Tare
Skin - Nana from Al Vulo (current group gift)
Shape - Erin from The Skinnery

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