Saturday, 17 December 2011

Shack birthday weekend - free gift gowns, camisk, and panther outfit

There's a freebie bonanza on at The Shack this weekend, to celebrate the store's fifth birthday.

In addition to a hunt (find 20 objects and put them together to make 10 prizes), there's a gift-giving Santa. I hope you've been good, if not, you're go to get a spanking!

There's also two gift boxes - one for group members, and one anyone can pick up. (There's also two gift boxes especially for the men folk!)

Below are quick pictures of the 'open to all' gifts with minimal verbiage.

Be quick - the gifts might only be out this weekend. (Your taxi will be waiting for you at the end of the post.)
Lizzie - option 1 - Free Woman outfit/gown

Lizzie - option 2 - contemporary
Atria - option 1
Atria - option2 - kirtle
Poppy panther outfit
Glitz camisk
Elegance Collection gown
Like I said - be quick to grab your gifts!

Shape & skin - Juna from
Hair - Lady Luck from Clawtooth

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