Sunday, 11 December 2011

Soedara - Lotus silks

To quote the designer herself, the latest range from Soedara includes absolutely ' NO PG stuff! :)' ! So, as always, I've taken my trusty pasties out of the closet.
Soedara Lotus silks in yellow

 I really enjoyed the yellow set, as you can see it's a bit 'glowy' - something which isn't apparent with the stronger colours.
But of course, any kajira worth her salt will be turning up the raunch factor with red...
Lotus silks in red
The set includes chain top, skirt, bracelets, anklets and belly piercing.
While the silks aren't as opulent as other Soedara offerings, at 270L they do cost a bit less.

Soedara lotus silks are available on the marketplace or in-world.

As always, pasties not included, but available as a freebie from Beautiful Dirty Rich on the marketplace.

Shape - Roos from Dutch Touch (modified)
Skin - Ivy from ABS
Hair - Juliet from A&A

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