Sunday, 4 December 2011

Soedara - Rope text collar Gor

Want to cause a stir down the tavern?
Go on, I dare you.

This sassy little number from Soedara will leave no-one in any doubt as to your true feelings.

And now you're not stuck serving paga all day, you've got plenty of "me time"!
The set includes the collar, rope belt, anklets and armlets. I've added the bandeau top (Bria from dumbapples) and bikini bottoms for modesty and blog PG status :P. 

For girls who don't want to be controversial, the collar has lots of other messages included.

Just click and choose from the selection, including 'for sale', 'punished', 'capture me', 'restricted', 'unrestricted', and the hugely useful 'afk' and entrepeneurial 'will fur for silks'.

Available in-world or on the marketplace for 150L. There's also a non-Gorean slave collar version available.

Good luck! :)

NB We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any whuppin's you might receive

Shape and skin: Ayasha from Redbird
Hair: Elaina from Calico Ingmann Creations

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