Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 15, Licorice


This colour wasn't too hard to match, in fact I found I had tons of things that would match... and somehow ended up becoming a cowgirl (I think it might have been the hat). I had a harder time finding a photo location. Most of the Western-themed sims  tried seemed to be inaccessible (maybe group only), uninspiring, or very strict on Victorian era clothing.

Full credits after the jump, but I wanted to mention the skin which is brand new from Aeva (formerly Heartsick). Creator Amesha Jewell is having a hard time at the moment as her computer is giving up the ghost, but she managed to release four new skins.

She's structured  these skins differently - instead of buying the makeup on the skin, now you can buy the bare skin and mix'n'match. There are several lipstick and gloss packs out (hopefully eyeshadows will follow soon if Amesha can get her computer to cooperate) and they're pretty cool.

There are no demos of the lipsticks that I can see, but at 75L they're not too steep. I tried them with the bare versions of skins from Curio, Plastik, Tuli, Cupcakes and Dutch Touch, and to my eye they worked perfectly well.

A benefit to help Amesha with the costs of a new computer will be launched on 22 April, but if you'd like to help out now, you can donate in-store, or just go shopping!

Anyways... crayons. Find out more about the challenge on Softpaw's blog. Next week's colour is a very bright yellow. I think I have some shoes that colour...

Slurl to Aeva

Pants & boots: Vigo - part of Elaine outfit
Shirt: .:. CHG .:. "Betty" outfit - shirt (old hunt prize)
Bandana: [UD] Clothing - part of Burlap Bond outfit (old hunt prize)
Hat: On a Lark - part of Coco outfit
Belt: Gor Gurls - Graduated belt

Skin: Aeva- Swan ~ Tone 1 // Natural [Cleavage 2 / Frec / NB]
Shape: Body Doubles - Jolie Modifiable Shape (modified)
Hair: Exile - Quiet Dream:Marone
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes - Pewter (previous group gift)
Lipstick: Aeva // Glossy Kiss Lips // Ruby Kiss (new)

Pose by Hopscotch

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  1. I think I would have gone cowgirl too if I had that hat!