Monday, 29 April 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 17, Manatee


Well that wasn't very smart. When I took the photo for week 17, I completely forgot to copy the outfit list... so the credits will be a bit less detailed than usual. And of course this photo is a bit late, due to Fantasy Faire!

I can tell you the outfit is Simplicity in Sky from On a Lark, and I probably picked it up on one of their fabulous 30L Saturday or 25L Tuesday rounds. It's mesh, and the outfit includes mesh gown and cape plus alphas, and a modesty shirt if you want to keep all your skin covered.

The hair is Marisol from Truth, and the skin (can't remember which) is from Curio. Both places have sales on at the moment. Gala Phoenix of Curio will be releasing whole new skin lines soon (hurrah) so her older designs are all half price. This means you can pick up one of her megapacks, containing over 100 skins, for 1000L. Insane, right?! The Curio sale (mainstore only) runs till midnight SLT on May 4.
You'll face two challenges with the Truth Hair sale, which runs till midnight SLT on May 3. One of these will be gaining access to the store which seems to be permanently full. Don't despair however, you can still shop from neighbouring Truth District. Take up a position along the border with the Truth Hair sim, set your graphics to low, but up your draw distance. Now you can cam into Truth and with a little patience grab all the demos you want and make purchases too!

(If you haven't heard, all Truth colour packs are 75L in the sale, fatpacks are 750L and older hairs which are going to be discontinued are 35L / 250L. Those are the hardest to reach though, as they're right at the back of the store.)

The second challenge? That'll be deciding which hairs to buy. Or finding the lindens to buy a gazillion... no, wait, that's challenge number three...

Find out more about the Crayon Colour Challenge on Softpaw's blog.

Skin: Curio
Shape: Self-made
Hair: Truth - Marisol
Eyes: Mayfly
Pose by Musa

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