Monday, 22 April 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013: Skinthesis

ERHMAHGERD never work with children or petites. Such awful little divas. Won't wear this, won't wear that. No, won't pose like that. Turn up late to set (too much violet juice the night before). No, they won't work with other models. Talk to their agent. Call them on their BS and you're a stupid sizeist biggie.

If you have room in your life for a demanding diva who won't get out of her teeny tiny bed for less than 10,000L a day, look no further than Cane Sutter's Skinthesis. At this year's Fantasy Faire, Cane has put out a range of petite mesh avatars and fairy wing accessories (the wings also come in biggie size for the hoomans among you).

In the photos are the Virtue Petite DUO avatars in  (Fair) Golden/Quicksilver, and the Maple Fae Wings in Ballerina and Naturale.

Next time I shoot petites... it won't be with a camera.

You'll find Skinthesis on the Magnificat sim at this year's Fantasy Faire, which runs until 28 April.

Hair and outfits not included.
White outfit: Angelwing - part of Petite Frost Fairy (free to Angelwing group members)
Leaf outfit: Evie's Closet -  Fairy Petite - Female Version (old free gift)
Hair (purple): Tameless - Helena (petite) - Cool Tones
Hair (red): A&A - Soraya Hair petite Fire

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