Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Crayon Colour Challenge: Week 16, Sizzling Sunshine

Sizzling Sunshine
Busy, busy, busy, so a quick post. This week's crayon colour challenge is yellow, which is... a lot like green, and therefore not all that easy.

The outfit is new from Shack, but I'm not breaking my self-imposed rule of no new buys for the challenge. I didn't buy it because it was that week's colour, I bought it because it was the new release half-price special at Shack last Friday. So there.

The skin (including matching mesh feet) and make-ups are from Aeva. Go and buy or donate so Amesha can buy a new computer RL and keep making us lovely skins with mesh feet, cos some of us.

Next week is gonna be grey. That can't be hard! Find out more about the challenge on Softpaw's blog.

Outfit: *Shack* Ankou Silks Yellow Skin: Aeva - Soma ~ Tone 2 // Natural [Cleavage 1 / Frec] (inc mesh feet)
Shape: Body Doubles Modifiable Shape for Plastik Aleria Skin (modified)
Hair: [LeLutka]-RAPUNZEL hair - IrishRed

Makeup:  Aeva // Glossy Kiss Lips // Berry Kiss and Aeva // Eyelashes // Short Lashes
Eyes: The.Plastik-Aleria Collection;//Fool-Flare


  1. *is jealous of that hair* is it rigged mesh?

  2. Yes indeed, it's this -

    I love those mix colour packs of hair, I wish everybody did them! (Looking at you, Truth & Wasabi Pills!)