Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013: Skinthesis II !

PETITE PHOTOBOMB! Not quite... I was hanging out on Fantasy Faire sim The Valley of Ish'Nar and spotted The Blogging Elf herself, Ms Arica Storaro, looking gorgeous as ever. I asked if she'd be the token biggie in a photo and she very graciously agreed, so thanks Arica!

In these pics, I'm wearing the Virtue SE (Fair) RFL petite mesh avatar from Skinthesis (when I blogged a couple of the other avs last time out, I realised I hadn't put anything in the pics to indicate the size of the avatars, so I've tried to rectify that this time!).

I've also included a couple of simple screen caps at the end showing two of the huds for avatar customisation. One allows you to control the avatar expression, the other controls the mesh parts so you can make them shiny or glowy as you like. There's also a skin colour picker which allows you to tint your av.

The outfit is from Roawenwood, and hair is from Tameless (not included).

Skinthesis is located on the Magnificat sim and the Faire has been extended until 23:59 SLT on Monday April 29, so you've got time to shop and explore.

Petite mesh avatar: Skinthesis - Virtue SE (Fair) RFL
Hair: Tameless - Helena (petite) - Cool Tones
Outfit: Roawenwood - Petite Nymphai Ankle Bands in Champagne
Poses by Musa

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