Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013: Veiled Emporium, Bilo & Analog Dog

Erk! Lots of stuff to cram into this post. As well as some sculptures and artefacts from Veiled Emporium, there are fabulous dresses from Bilo and a new hair from Analog Dog.

First up is the animated dragon sculpture by Nikita Schapire of Veiled Emporium. It's available in a number of colours, and the Sea Dragon variation is the RFL donation item. To turn the animation on or off, simply click the dragon and watch as the dragon clutches it jewels, then rears up from its perch... or not, if you've toggled it off.

Nikita also has a dragon's nest (with eggs!) artefact available too, to decorate your sim. Perfect for high fantasy or Game of Thrones fans. Picture at the very end of the post! (Cos there's a lot crammed in here, there's more text and pics further on...)

The gowns our dragon-taming maiden is wearing are mesh outfits from Bilo, and there's a positive kaleidoscope of different colours available. The first I've pictured (in Silver-Teal and Gold-Black) is the medieval-looking Warda. Warda comes with either a full which has a coloured centre panel (the Silver-Teal) or slim skirt with a white centre panel (the Gold-Black).
The hair throughout this post is Scene, one of the RFL items from Analog Dog. The pack offered is the ombre collection which includes lots of candy shades and sunny colours. Just to be awkward, I went for the black/grey colour, as it gave me lots of freedom with the clothes and kin - no need to worry about clashes!

The second Bilo gown is called Tabusumm, and its bright contrasting colours (pictured below in fuchsia) make it look a bit 'eastern' to my (western European) eye. I sneaked a peek at the Bilo blog where Chandra confirms that it's 'slightly Persian inspired'.

It would still work perfectly well in a roleplay setting (but do add an undershirt or shawl if you're a Free Woman, as it dips low at front and back).

All items available at Fantasy Faire, which runs ti 28 April.


Skin: Glam Affair - Margot - America 03 - Black
Shape: Self-made
Hair: Analog Dog - .b Scene black sea
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Spring Teal)

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