Saturday, 6 April 2013

Love roleplay? Love shopping?

There's a new roleplay shopping event on the way, and I can't wait.

So many favourites will be participating in this event. Regulars will include The White Armory, Soedara, Roawenwood, Evie's Closet, Kouses's Sanctum, The Plastik, Silkworms, and Aeva/Heartsick. Guests will include Arwen's Creations, Fallen Gods, and Zaara.

That's just a small sampling of the stores involved. A lot of those listed I don't know so well, so it will be nice to discover some new stores. A full listing is included at the end (or you can read more about it on the We Love Role-Play blog.

Also, among the organisers are two amazing roleplay style bloggers: Tera Varriale (Terava's Blog) and Arica Storaro (The Blogging Elf). You probably already know their blogs. If you don't, they style the most amazing looks, combining items from roleplay stores with more mainstream picks to create unique outfits. (Arica has also written very insightfully about copybotting, particularly the Curio - Hush Skins controversy.)

The event will most likely start on 4th May (after Fantasy Faire so don't spend all your Lindens!). There'll be a wide range of items on offer - clothing, furniture, skins and more. All of it will be suitable for roleplay though, fitting with the themes of medieval/medieval fantasy, gorean, ancient Rome/Greece/Persia/Egypt and so on.

Items will have a minimum discount of 25% and a maximum discount of 50%, and while items won't have to be brand new for the event, they will need be up to 2013 standards!

I had a sneak preview of the parcel where it will be held, and it's looking good. The event stores are set in a scenic woodland setting. It's not hidden so you may well stumble across it on your shopping rounds.

This isn't just another shopping event though. It has a purpose, to support designers of high quality, original content. Creating high-quality work takes time, and designers deserve to be rewarded for their efforts (everyone has the right to earn a living, if they choose to do it by designing in SL or via a more conventional route). They deserve better than to have their ideas shamelessly stolen or having their actual creations ripped and botted.

Linden Labs don't intervene in copyright issues, instead following DMCA protocol to the letter. So it's up to us, Second Life residents and consumers, to choose where we spend our Lindens. Principles are principles, in worlds real and virtual.

If you'd like to know more, contact any of the organisers: Ost Clawtooth, Arica Storaro, Tera Varriale, and Kaitlin Eiren, or follow the We Love Role-Play blog.

Participant list (so far) in full:

1- EZ Weaponry /The Forge (Weapons/Accessories) – Deccan Arida
2- Centipede (Weapons/Accessories)  – Kendra Zaurak
3 – Trident (Furniture) – Laufey Markstein
4 – Trident Jewelry (Jewelry) – Rossana Llewellyn
5 – Gspot (Clothing) – Jalilah Jewell
6 – The Library (Clothing) – Dream Resistance/Sabina Takakura
7 – Essences (Skins) – Inka Mexicola
8 – Dysfunctional Dolly Designs (Furniture, Landscaping) – Anke Hatchuk
9 – Roawenwood (Furniture) – Searlait Nitschke
10 – Tia (furniture) – Tia Biscuit
11 – Soedara (Clothing) – Marbella Pronovost
12 – Rainbow Co. (Furniture, Houses) – Huntress Blackrain
13 – Xanimations (Animations, Accessories) – Xanxan Jervil
14 – The Fallen (Clothing) – Triad Fallen
15 – Lightsstar Designs (Clothing, Shoes!) – Krystal Silverweb
16 – Rue (Accessories, Bodyparts) – Ruina Kessel
17 – Alchemy (Skins)- Nina Helix
18 – Panda Express (Accessories, Bodyparts) – Kioko Kumaki (from May on)
19 – Bilo (Clothing) – Mayaa Thistle
20 – The Muses (Clothing) – Dolce Blackflag
21 – Evie’s Closet (Clothing) – Evangeline Miles
22 – Innocuous (Clothing) – Circuitous Resident
23 – Kouse’s Sanctum (Clothing) – Kouse Singh
24 – Knickknack (Clothing) – Levia Larsson
25 – Silkworms (Clothing) – Trippy Fall
26 – The Plastik (Clothing, Skins) – Aikea Rieko
27 – Aeva/Heartsick (Skins) – Amesha Jewell
28 – The White Armory (Dresses, Weapons) – Colton Drechsler/Bee Dumpling

1 – Handverk (Accessories) – Daphne Klossovsky (Guest)
2 – Arwen’s Creations (Clothing) – Arwen Serpente (Guest)
3 – Rochambeau (Clothing/Buildings) – Leviathan Flux (Guest)
4 – Tokidoki (Clothing) – Maya Levane (Special Guest)
5 – Deviance (Clothing) – Surreal LeShelle (Guest)
6 – Es-kimo (Hair, Skins) – Ziekling Bunnyhug (Guest)
7 – Aeros Avatars (Skins) – Pi Rain (Guest)
8 – Fallen Gods (Skins) – Alia Baroque/Elizabeth Tinsley (from June on, Guest?)
9 – Zaara (Clothing, Jewelry) – Zaara Kohime
10 – C’est la Vie (Clothing) – Larcoco Mathy

Editorial note: I usually say 'roleplay', but in the event title it's 'Role-Play', so you'll likely see both variations of the word when I'm posting about it!

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