Thursday, 18 April 2013

New from Soedara - Romea mesh silks

TGI almost Friday... I'm exhausted! With that in mind, I'm just going to very quickly tell you about this recent mesh release from Soedara.

Romea is a set of mesh silks especially suited for those roleplaying in ancient Greece and Rome, and it comes in high and low caste variants. (There's also a sister set, not photographed here, called 'Of the Plains' which is more Gorean and features lots of earthy colours and different accessories.)
High caste girls get two versions of the mesh silks (it comes in five sizes with alpha) - one which has extra gold detailing and one which is plain. They also have golden accessories (armbands, bracelets, anklets).

Low caste girls can wear their outfit in either a fresh, clean version or one besmirched with dirt, dust and various stains (a high caste girl would never dirty her silks, of course). Their accessories are of a simpler material and the decorative details on the silks are similarly lowly.

Not on the marketplace just yet, so you'll have to take a trip to  Soedara in-world.
Skin:Essences Opera Gentle 01 *ginger* (at The Dressing Room Fusion)
Shape: Self-made
Hair: TRUTH< Hollana - pumpkinpie
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Olive Hazel Shadow)

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