Monday, 15 April 2013

The Firebird

This photo is a bit random. I shot it for Softpaw's crayon challenge which will be starring a yellow colour on Wednesday and judged it unsuitable for purpose. It's come out a bit too orange :) I quite like how it turned out, although it does make me wish I had mad photoshop skillz :/

Anyway, there is some relevance to the pic, as the feather-light silks featured are from Enchanted Silks... which Buffie Barmy has just re-opened under the previous moniker of Collar Me Sexy. As well as restocking her existing silks, she's working on new outfits, so keep an eye out! The deserves-to-be-legendary midnight mania board is back as well, so get down there and give it a slap.

The skin is from the Plastik, and it's a Lazy Sunday beta of a skin which will be featured at this year's Fantasy Faire, when it will be available in a range of colours. Which is to say it will be black, with different coloured seems. 

Slurl to  Enchanted Silks / Collar Me Sexy

Silks: Enchanted Silks/ Collar Me Sexy - Carla in yellow
Skin: The.Plastik - Draziirah [Aleria]:// Lazy Sundays- BETA
Shape:  Body Doubles Modifiable Shape for Plastik Aleria Skin (modified!)
Eyes: The.Plastik -Aleria Collection;//Seelie-Fire

Backdrop: Garden of Dreams - The Hell Throne

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