Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Free gifts and special offer kirtles at Arachne Silks

Lots going on at Arachne Silks at the moment, where they're merchant of the week at the Gorean University. There's a kirtle sale, free boots, and group gift camisks.

Northern girls will love the special offer on kirtles, with a whole bunch of them being marked down to 50L for the promotion, including new-ish releases like Heidi, below.
Heidi kirtle in blue
You can find the kirtles on offer here, in the barn. At least three styles and a wide range of colours are marked down.

Don't rush off though, as there's a couple of free gifties hidden in the straw of the barn - the Ugg boots, which you can see paired with the Fleur camisk below.

(Some hints for the freebies - the objects you are looking for are tiny - we're talking eyesight test! And they're definitely IN the barn, not anywhere outside it. Also, don't waste time checking the vendor boxes to see if any are 0L, it's not a secret sale. )
Fleur camisk and Ugg boots
There are two objects to fine, one with the white boots, one with the black.

And the Fleur camisks? They're a group gift. So if you're craving camisks, join up, and check the groups past notices.
Fleur camisk and Ugg boots
Go and check out the barn!

Hair - Vodka from LoQ (mmm, vodka)
Skin - Lightskin 9 from Jesylilo (lazy Sunday special)
Shape - Lana from Sorry.Asia

Lipstick - Megan pack from Dutch Touch

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