Wednesday, 29 February 2012

10l camisk and other goodies at the Cart Sale

The legendary cart sale at The Wash is back - and it's full of stalls packed with lush 10L bargains.

It's mostly mainstream fashion, but you will find some pieces for your roleplay, not least of which is this camisk from Zibber's Designs who have a cart.

Oh and there are lots of 10L skins, from the likes of Heartsick and Style by Kira among others, which is reason enough to get down there and shop!

(Bikini bottoms not included - added for modesty purposes!)
Denise Camisk (inc waist chain) from Zibber's Designs
10L at The Wash cart sale

The skin, accessories and poses in this pics are all 10L bargains from The Wash.
Jubliee skin from NVious; Arabian necklace from Spangles Jewelry Box;
Inlaid wood bangles from Elemental Earth Designs; Poses from Hopscotch

The sale goes on until 14 March so lots of time. There are gifts out on some of the carts too, so even if you haven't a single Linden to your name, it's worth a look ;)

Slurl to The Wash Biannual Cart Sale

Skin - Jubilee from NVious (10L at the Cart Sale)
Shape - Monica from Natural Beauty
Hair - Jess from Raspberry (old Hair Fair freebie)

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