Sunday, 19 February 2012

Beauty & The Beast - Gorean grid wide hunt

Hunting is definitely one of Second Life's most fun pastimes.. it's like shopping with extra mental stimulation! Plus, the prizes are usually free or 1L.

There so many hunts on these days, it's impossible to do them all (unless you're very dedicated and have a lot of free time).

So while I dip in and out of most hunts, the Beauty and The Beast hunt is definitely one I'll be following from start to finish.

So far, I'm about half-way and there are tons of great prizes! Standouts so far? For me, it's got to be the 'Beauty' gown from Pekas, the whole box of goodies from Shack, the panther accessories from Bina, and these purple silks from Tamiron Forge.

Plus, the skin in all these pics is the prize from Severed Heart. Isn't it gorgeous?!
Tamiron Forge - Kajira purple
Pasties not included!

Pekas - The Beauty gown
Dream Things - Innocence circlet and necklace
Dream Things - Innocence circlet and necklace
Shack - Arielle purple
Shack - Emil camisk and Rope Burn tattoo
Shack - Evie gown
Gem Designs - Fleur
Bina - Leather accessories and tattoo
SanSational Designs - Clad Kajir jeweled Cleo
May's Soul - Turian girl
Gor Gurls - Just Birdy skirt & peasant blouse
Here is the official Beauty & the Beast hunt blog and hint list. Always totes invaluable ;)

Your start point is Tiar Erotic Bedroom.

Good luck!

Part two of my hunt prize pics

Skin - Belle from Severed Heart (B&BH prize)
Shape - Monica from Natural Beauty
Hair - Liv from Angel / Naomi from D!va (group gift)

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