Monday, 27 February 2012

Silks of the Siren - Alimah silks

Brand new from Silks of the Siren - this stunning silk in red and gold 'baroque' fabric.

This outfit gives you lots of options as really, it's dancing silks and camisk in one.

Once you've decided whether you're a silks or a camisk girl today (see what I did there :P), you'll have to decide if you want to wear with or without sleeves, and of course you'll have to choose between naughty and modest options...

The set costs 375L and includes a silks skirt, four camisk variations on jacket layer, a modesty top (great for wearing with just the skirt, as in the last picture), chest silk, arm silks and bangles.

 Slurl to Silks of the Siren

Hair - D!va 30,000 member group gift (also includes dress!)
Skin - Mely from Al Vulo (Womenstuff hunt)
Shape - Ksymena from [glow] studio

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