Saturday, 4 February 2012

Free silks - Midnight Mania at Stars Fashion Mall

Sometimes in Second Life, you can find cute things in unlikely places.

Stars Fashion Mall doesn't specialise in fantasy or Gorean clothing, but these silks are on a Midnight Mania board there.

The set includes top, skirt and arm-bands. (Jewelry not included... choker and head-jewel are from Zaara, cuffs are not for sale.)

So, it's a simple set, but a pretty one... but watch out, they're very skimpy at the back!
The midnight mania board is /39, so you might need to call some friends, or be prepared to slap for a few days.

Even if the board doesn't lock, you might be able to pick up something nice in the shape of a group gift.

The skin featured in the photos is one of them - called Stella Swan, it features a brow tattoo of a pair of swans, so might be a nice one for fantasy roleplay.

Right next to it is the 'Pink Love' make-up set group gift - sounds perfect for Valentines!

Here's your ride.

Skin - Stella Swan (group gift from Stars Fashion Mall)
Shape - Samantha from BeautyCode
Hair - Tammy from Truth

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