Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Second Moon: Dream Maker camisk and Cherry Moon cloak

A quick catch-up on some recent releases from Second Moon!

Here's the Dream Maker camisk for you to have a peek at:
Set includes sheer and opaque tops, skirt, anklets, and a prim rose which you can tuck into your skirt... or have at go at editing and wear in your hair!

It's available in-world now and costs 450L.

I tried it on then with the Cherry Moon cloak - I think it works really well with the camisk, as the colours harmonise so nicely. I accessorised with bangles from MoonRiver's Mirror Cage and Taj Mahal ranges.
The texture is so nice -  I'd definitely be interested to see this texture in some more outfits too, similar to the Crimson Moon or Exquisite Beauty series perhaps.
(Please excuse the inconcistency with the photos, lighting and so on - I was experimenting, hehe)

The cloak seems to be an exclusive gift to members of the Second Moon group, as I don't see it on sale anywhere currently (200L group joining fee).

Find everything in-world (and get a sneak peek at the very latest release too!) - here's your slurl to the Second Moon store.

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