Saturday, 25 February 2012

60L weekend - Victorian Burlesque from Absolutely Smitten

It must be burlesque week at Silks Girl... I couldn't resist this adorable outfit that was on today's 60L list. You'll be able to grab it at the discounted price today and tomorrow.

The pink and vanilla colours are adorably sweet, and it can always be worn as vintage lingerie if you detach the poofy bustle skirt!

The booties are from Dirigible Damsel and an absolute steal on the marketplace at 49L. They're scripted so you can change the appearance - you can have them pink, brown, black or two-tone, you can have steampunk gears on the heel or not, as you prefer.

The set is 'Le Petit Theatre', a colab between Mole End and Evie's Closet, it comes complete with embedded, adjustable puppet poses and marionette strings. Tons of fun, and so cute in a spooky gothic 'Emily the Strange' kind of way.

Slurl to Absolutely Smitten

Hair - Delia from Truth
Eyes - Green, realistic nature from Soedara

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