Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gorean Room - Silks from Luas and Pani kimono from Voltai

The latest round of the Gorean Room opened today and it looks very interesting indeed! As always, everything is either 50L or 70L and some of Second Life's finest Gorean designers are participating.

I grabbed a bunch of outfits, and am going to kick off with two for starters, and another couple over the next few days.

Anyway, first up are the Godness (sic?) silks from Luas. These will definitely add a sashay to your step!
Godness Silks from Luas - 70L

I'm seeing quite a lot of this style of skirt and top in Second Life now -  and they always remind me of Caverna Obscura's lovely  Shahrazad outfit.

Set includes prim top, skirt, armbands and belly jewel.

Next up is a Pani kimono from Voltai. The parasol is not part of the outfit; that's from Magnifique Poses.
Sakura kimono from Voltai - 70L
Parasol not included
The outfit does include clothing layer top, prim sleeves, glitch pants, two sizes of skirt, obi, prim getas-with-tabi, and veil. Phew!
I love the candy colours (there's a few pinks and Valentine reds at the GR this round) and ombre shading.

Here's your ride to the Gorean Room!

Shape and Skin - Dara from ABS (Tropicalia II special)
Hair - Maitreya
Parasol - Magnifique poses (Grenade Free Wednesday special)

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