Monday, 13 February 2012

25L Valentines gown offer at Kouse's Sanctum

For girls, nay ladies, who want to celebrate Valentine's in a more modest fashion, I present to you this offering from Kouse's Sanctum!

This black-and-red beauty is called Brianna, the colourway is 'Deep Love', and it's a steal at 25L.

Such a versatile outfit - I can see it working for dozens of roles and characters.

Free Women of Gor, you'll need to get knitting modesty tops again, or better yet, get one of those lazy wench slaves to do it for you.
The skirt is all chiffon-y and flexified so it's good for some swirling as you walk along turning heads, making dramatic entrances and exits, etc.
What are you waiting for? Here's  your slurl to Kouse's Sanctum

(No idea how long this offer will be good for, so if you like what you see, get your skates on...)

Hair: Sophia from Truth

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