Saturday, 11 February 2012

Free stuff - Broken Heart Fair hunt prizes

The Broken Heart fair - presented by the lovely folks who bring you 30L Saturday each week - opened yesterday, showcasing some of SL's very talented Gorean and fantasy designers.

The event runs until 14 February, and there are simply tons of 30L bargains.

One of the fun things about these events is there's often a mini-hunt, as is the case here. There are some wonderful prizes to be picked up on sim, and in some cases, back at the designer's mainstore.

I haven't taken pics of the various furniture and roleplay items you can find, but there's plenty of them.

And the range and quality of the clothing prizes is very exciting, so a big thank you to all the generous designers participating!

Going to kick off with one of my personal favourites, the 'Broken' camisk from Gem Designs. I love the fresh colours, and how you could wear it with a pair of jeans for an edgy contemporary style.

(Look out for Wrapped in White from On a Lark also, it's another personal favourite.... oh and the hair featured throughout is also a hunt prize!)
Gem Designs - Broken camisk

Glamorous Sin - Valentina
Includes hair... touch clothes to change textures
Voltai - Concordia flower
Find the matching collar back at the mainstore
Riverdog Trading Co - Winter Kirtle red
This prize is back at the mainstore
Riverdog Trading Co - Tied up camisk tintable
Crimson Veil - Rope and copper armbands and anklets
Wrapped in White from On a Lark
This prize is back at the mainstore
Rose from Nefarious
This prize is back at the mainstore
Together necklace from Nefarious
Get yourself down to the Broken Heart Fair before 14 February!

Hair - Altea (wear w or w/o braid) from Glamourous Sin
Skin - Broken Heart Fair skin from Damned - 30L special
Shape - Angeline (modified) from Happy Face

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