Friday, 10 February 2012

Shack - new release Aria silk & discounts

Quick! If you're a Shack fan (who isn't!), hurry down to the Shack in the next few hours tonight (Friday) to take advantage of these offers.
Aria Silk in Blue - limited time vendor price 200L
The gorgeous Aria silks - which have a lot in common with the Batul set -  are brand new today, and for a very limited time you can grab the blue set for half price, at 200L.

You'll find the special countdown vendor here.
 As usual, the silks come with PG and non-PG options, plus there seems to be at least four ways to wear the skirt/hip chains. I loooove having all those options to play with.
Usual price is 395L, but if you buy from the special group vendor on a Friday, you will get a 15% refund. Have your group active and buy from the correct vendor - don't get your silent and chatty groups mixed up!

There are also some new gowns and camisks, you'll find them discounted in their respective stores and on the group vendors.

If you missed it tonight, don't fret, there'll be another opportunity next week.

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