Saturday, 25 February 2012

Beauty & The Beast hunt - Gorean grid wide hunt - prizes part two!

Got some more hunting done, in fact I'm almost finished. I just have to go back and look for the most difficult ones that I skipped. Ouch.

There's still plenty of time to find some of the great prizes out there - the hunt runs until March 3.

Today's batch of hunt prize pics is mostly outfits for slaves - there's just one Free Woman outfit from Priory of Roses (it comes with boots and a backpack though so a really nice prize).

Bacidalucia - Naked Bella silks
Ais Ink - Rose Chain tattoo
The Legacy - leather colour change necklace

Red Hot Ginger - Mima kirtle / camisk
Em-tions - My Ruin kilt (unisex)
Priory of Roses - Nomad outfit
Sa-eela - Skadhi kirtle
Arachne Silks - His prize silks
Here is the official Beauty & the Beast hunt blog and hint list. I'll now be using this to go back to my 'skips'!

Your start point is Tiar Erotic Bedroom. Happy hunting!

Skin - Nefertiti from Reila Skins & Fashion (B&BH prize)
Shape - Jamie from Juxtapose (modded in some shots)
Hair - Romance from Vanity Hair

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