Friday, 30 March 2012

Almost free - dollarbie camisk hunt at Soedara

Yay! To celebrate the rebuild of her store, Ms Marbella Pronovost has organised a mini-hunt, and hidden five cute lil' camisks aroundabout for you to find.

Once you find each golden padlock, you can buy it for a measly 1L, making these some of the nicest dollarbie camisks you're going to find!

Not sure how long this hunt will last, so get down there quick.

Anyways, pics below, and your slurl to Soedara at the end.

PS Thanks Chai!
Soedara - Wrapped in Lace camisk swirl flower
Soedara - The Patched up Tower Slave camisk
Soedara - Wrapped in Lace camisk tigress
Soedara - Wet camisk
Soedara - Wrapped in Lace camisk tiny flower
Here's your slurl to Soedara's mainstore

Happy hunting!

Skin - Shiloh from Felony
Shape - Talula from Sophistishapes
Hair - Audrey/Aiyana from Truth


  1. I would very much like to know at which sim this was taken.

  2. Hi, these pics was taken at Alirium -