Wednesday, 21 March 2012

FallnAngel Creations random prize - Heather camisk

If you've been spending time on the FallnAngel sims recently, looking for Ostara eggs, you might have been lucky enough to win one of the random prizes on offer.

As it's a random prize giver, you have absolutely no control over how, when, what or if you win :)

However, it does dish out prizes every 15 minutes in the FallnAngel Creations mainstore and Sanitarium ('ware zombie attack) sims.

Other great freebies/prizes at the Falln mainstore include *deep breath* a what's in the box prize, lucky chair and/or midnight madness on almost every floor of the mainstore, and a daily pressie rezzer.

You have to hunt for the daily pressies, but a pile of coloured boxes usually aren't too hard to find. (Remember not to give the location of the pressies in local chat!)

Slurl to FallnAngel Creations mainstore

Skin - Audrey from Idiosyncrasy at My Attic
Shape - Talula from Sophistishapes (Depraved Spring Madness Hunt prize)
Hair - Winny from A&A
Eyes - Green realistic nature from Soedara

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