Thursday, 29 March 2012

Nightfire silks & chalwar from Second Moon

Second Moon recently launched their newest line, the uber-smexy Nightfire outfits.

Included in the range are silks, a chalwar, and a very skimpy 'finery' outfit.

You can buy the outfits individually, but I really recommend you buy the mix'n'match pack if you can stretch to it.

There's an exclusive group offer which might help... details after the photos.
Nightfire silks from Second Moon

Nightfire Finery from Second Moon
Nightfire Finery from Second Moon
Nightfire Chalwar from Second Moon
Nightfire Chalwar from Second Moon
As the Nightfire outfits are black and gold, you could try mixing them with pieces from Moonriver's Exquisite Beauty range also.

The regular price of the mix'n'match set is 1450L, silks are 590L, finery is 490L, and chalwar is 650L.

**Exclusive Second Moon group promo**
There is a very special offer on for group members until 31 March. (Please note the group join fee is 300L, but last year's Christmas pressies alone were worth more than this!)

The regular price of the mix'n'match set is 1450 L, but until 31 March this is reduced to 950 L for group members only. If you senda notecard after purchase to Moonriver Darcy, giving the transaction history details for the purchase, she will refund you 500L.

The sets can also be purchased individually, and group memebers can claim a 100L refund after purchase (again, until 31 March only).

If you've already bought some of the range, you can 'upgrade' your purchase and take advantage of the offer.


As for what's in the packs... here's the list.

Chalwar contains three tops, a bolero with prim tassels, chest chains, chalwar bottoms (clothing layer and prims), bracelet, bangles, anklets, sash and chain belt.

Finery contains two tops (one very revealing!), chest chains, belt, side silk,bracelet bangles and anklets.

Silks contain two tops (again, one doesn't really cover... anything), chest chains, two variations of a full-skirted silk, sash, bangles, bracelet and anklets.

PHEW *collapses with exhaustion*

Finally, here's your slurl to Second Moon.

Hair is Monique from Wasabi Pills

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