Saturday, 3 March 2012

Want a new skin? Short on lindens?

I had lots of fun yesterday, completing the first ever Skins and Hairs hunt, which runs from 2 March to 2 April.

While it's called '... and Hairs', the huge majority of the prizes are skins. In fact, I only remember two hair prizes from the 22 locations (I could be wrong though!).

It's not free as prizes are 10L, but along the way you'll find a lot of stores have free-to-join groups and some are very generous with group gifts. (Envy Me and The Skin You're In are great for this).

There's even a drow skin in the mix (from essencial) which might be useful for some fantasy RPers.

Here's a couple of the prize pics I liked... I'll incorporate some skins in upcoming posts.

The blog has pics of prizes and a hint list. No slurls though.

Happy hunting!

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