Thursday, 22 March 2012

Promo at Old World - silks fatpack 19L!

Old World have a good deal on at the moment - a silks fatpack, five colours of the 'Sweet' kajira silks.

The box includes a set of cuffs and anklets, plus a sculpt top and flexi skirt in each of five colours.

The pack also includes green and purple silks.

While the silks themselves are quite simple - nothing fancy - they're really fun in that they seem to be fully copy-mod.

After taking the pics, I experimented a little bit with making the skirt and top glowy and/or transparent, with a view to seeing if they could be suitable for faes (or even to suit different tastes). And I think they probably can... go play!

You can find the silks here.

They also have some cute furntiure/build/rp dollarbies, like a sofa and a gazebo.

Check out the Old World marketplace store (conveniently pre-sorted by price!)

Skin - Elle from Belleza (group gift; joining fee applies)
Shape -  Elle from Body Doubles
Hair - Clara from Truth

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