Sunday, 18 March 2012

May's Soul - Bath girl (Gorean room offer)

Gorean slave girls who find themselves serving at the baths will need to make sure they're properly outfitted for their roleplay... and this outfit from May's Soul should fit the bill perfectly.

It comes with a wearable wooden tub 'backpack', containing the various paraphernalia you'll need.

There's also practical legband which holds an amphora (presumably of scented oil) strapped to your thigh.

There's two tops as well, so you can be PG or adult as you (or your Master!) chooses.

"I knew that few men could, if a bath girl did not wish it, come close to them in the water. They spend much of the day in the water and, it is said, are more at ease in that element than the Cosian song fish."
Assassin of Gor

Of course, if you're a bath girl, or even if you just fancy a dip now the (northern hemisphere!) summer is coming in,  you're going to need a swimmer or swim hud. I use this one, which includes a cute floating-in-the-water kiss.

Skin - Valentine gift from Lara Hurley
Shape - Eleonore from LiLau (modified)
Hair - Evelyn from Truth
Eyes - Autumn from Moon

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