Friday, 9 March 2012

Seldom Blue - Valentia silks

The Valentia have from Seldom Blue aren't quite brand new, in fact I have to confess they've been lurking in my inventory a little while now.

Looking at them, I can't imagine why I didn't dig them out sooner - they're so pretty.

They feature a pearl beaded design on multiple clothing layers, and beautiful diaphanous silk attachments.
Valentia silks in Pearl Bisque from Seldom Blue

Valentia silks in black from Seldom Blue

You can also wear a sleeveless version of the top and lose the arm frills, if you need to lose some prims.

The Valentia set is wonderfully detailed, lots of fun to wear, and very fairly priced at 365L.

Slurl to Seldom Blue

Shape - July shape from Forme
Skin - Briar from Aura at Collab88
Hair - Carolyn from Exile

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