Sunday, 4 March 2012

B!asta - Virtue Seven gypsy tie-dye dress

I love Second Life's discount shops - they're a great way to sample a new brand at a low price, or just pick up a plain ole bargain.

Best Designers Exile is a new outlet, and B!asta have this super cute gypsy dress there for 80L.

(Another full-skirted outfit! It's obviously big poofy skirts week at Silks Girl...)

The set on offer is Ocean - harmonious shades of blue, green and purple, decorated with copper coins.

The skirt itself is beautifully constructed and will billow around you as you walk, or rather as you sashay around. 

There's also a cute prim tie detail (not shown in the photos) at the back of the top.

Slurl to Best Designer's Exile

Hair - Velvet from Truth
Skin - Lizy from Rag Doll (Skin and Hairs hunt prize)
Shape -Lilith from CS Shapes

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