Saturday, 3 March 2012

Folklore Hunt - prizes from Arctic Storm, Siryelle's Dreams and Wild Serenity

Looks like the Folklore Hunt might be worth some effort - there are some really nice prizes out there, for only 1L each. Many of them are perfect for fantasy RP.

I've just dipped my toes in it so far - and picked up a couple of nice gowns, and a chalwar/bellydance outfit.

(Hair and skin in the pics are from the Skins and Hairs Hunt.)
Fairy Nice from Arctic Storm

White Witch from Wild Serenity
Sheherazade from Siryelle's Dreams
Sheherazade from Siryelle's Dreams
The official blog has everything you need - ie a hint list and some prize pictures. Enjoy!

Shape - Estelle from Sophistishapes
Hair - Puk from Mina (10L in Skins and Hairs hunt)
Eyes and Skin - Kalin from Dulce Secrets (10L in Skins and Hairs hunt)

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