Monday, 19 March 2012

FallnAngel Creations - Ostara egg hunt

The sixth annual FallnAngel Creations Ostara egg hunt is now on, and runs until 2am SLT on March 22.

I find this hunt very time-consuming as, while the eggs are largely hidden 'in plain sight', they're spread across five sims!

There's 75 hunt eggs and they cost 1L each... I don't know how many people find them all. I was thrilled to find about half!
FallnOstaraEgg#66 - Sanaka dress
FallnOstaraEgg#59 - Midori wings
FallnOstaraEgg#27 - Jin hair

FallnOstaraEgg#3 - Enelya silks
FallnOstaraEgg#29 - Mari drow skin
FallnOstaraEgga#25 - Simza hair
FallnOstaraEgg#63 - Jisper dress
FallnOstaraEgg#22 - Ivy hair
FallnOstaraEgg#11 - Lark camisk
FallnOstaraEgg#25 - Simza hair
FallnOstaraEgg#14 - Cascading Floral kimono
FallnOstaraEgg#23 - Meiji hair
These pictures are just a small selection of the prizes you can pick up. As well as lots more to outfit your avatar, there are plenty of furniture pieces too. I

FallnAngel is a fantasy clothier, so a lot of their skins, make-ups, and hairs reflect this. As you can imagine, this mightn't suit all tastes, but as the eggs are set to 'buy', you can see what the prize is before you commit yourself.

When you land in the cathedral, be sure and slap a hunt sign for the notecard, which contains hunt rules. Most of it is the usual hunt etiquette - no announcing prizes in local chat, and so on. They also include a reminder about freebie etiquette.

There are some hints on the FallnAngel facebook page.

Teleport to the FallnAngel Creations mainstore to start the hunt.

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