Sunday, 11 March 2012

Beauty & The Freak hunt - prizes from Luas, May's Soul and !Damned

The Beauty and The Freak hunt kicked off yesterday, and some of your favourite Gorean stores are participating.

The hunt blog page is so helpful as it has all the store names, slurls and hints together in one place. Fantastic if you haven't time to do the hunt from start to finish.

Hunt prizes are 0L and you're looking for a skull with a flower peeking out the top (excepting stores where they might be short on spare prims - it's just a skull then).

Here are some highlights of the prizes I've picked up so far (the skin and shape used in the pics are also hunt prizes, from Curvalicious Skins and Lushish Catz respectively).
Jezabel silks from Luas
Earrings from Persefona

Camisk from May's Soul
Earrings as before
Outfit from !Damned
Special mention also to MTC Designs who have a lovely 'Chaise de l'amour' sofa as a prize.

Hunt blog page
Hunt starting point - Curvalicious - careful!
All the stores on this sim are participating, so don't get them confused.

Hair - Danina from Amacci (free gift)
Skin - B&TF hunt gift from Curvalicious Skins and Shapes
Shape - Siri from Lushish Catz - B&TF hunt gift, also includes skin and outfit

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