Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dreamwalker's Creations - Blood Gems red silks

I dug these (rather naughty) silks out of my closet the other night.

They're by Scayde Steamweaver, aka Dreamweaver's Creations, and she does some wonderful things with (virtual) fabric. 

These silks move and float so dreamily... like the sheerest chiffon brushed by a summer breeze.

As you can see, the sets are richly adorned with gold and rubies.

The set includes the skirt, nipple chain with silks, mantle, bellychain, armbands, anklets, earrings and a brow jewel.

I did have some problems resizing them to fit the smaller shape I used for the photos,  so you may, unfortunately, need to change up your avatar a little if you're a girl who insists on a perfect fit.

(However,  I've never had any problems wearing them on my usual avatar.)

As the stores are adult rated, you might find it easier to buy this set on the marketplace for 350L.

Shape: Roos from Dutch Touch (modified)
Skin: Angelina special edition from Skintimate

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